Chef Juri Sbandati, born in Florence, Italy has been cooking all of his life. He started alongside his mother, father and grandmother when he was a child. They were all extraordinary cooks. Then he learned from other professional chefs in the kitchens of Florence.

As a teenager, Juri worked as a vegetable vendor in Il Mercato Centrale, Florence’s Central Market. Later, to put himself through Florence’s prestigious university, L’Universita’ di Firenze, Juri started to personal chef for an elite international crowd in Florence. He graduated with a doctorate in history, while also growing as a chef. Juri’s clients quickly saw his talents in the kitchen, and soon he began to bridge his two passions, food and history.

Juri moved to Bend with his wife, Kinley, in 2005 and ran a personal chef and catering company for four years before starting their next great venture, Trattoria Sbandati.

To Chef Juri, Italian food  is about history, tradition, people and culture. With his talent, experience and knowledge in the kitchen, along with his research in history, Chef Juri Sbandati has a truly unique perspective on the culinary arts.

Kinley Sbandati, after earning a degree in fine arts in Baltimore, Maryland moved to Florence, Italy to teach art and English. She lived there for six years where she met her husband, Juri. Kinley is fluent in Italian. She retired from her career as art and Italian teacher to team up with her husband on the wonderful endeavor of Trattoria Sbandati. Juri and Kinley have two young children, a son, Ugo, and a daughter, Viola.