About Trattoria Sbandati

Benvenuti! At Trattoria Sbandati, we believe a restaurant is a way to tell a story. Our story focuses on Juri Sbandati’s family and the land that was and always will be his home, Firenze. That is why the restaurant carries his family name and why the red Iris symbol of Firenze has been greeting our customers since we opened our doors in 2009.

Juri chooses an artisanal approach to food because he believes that the core of Italian culture lies in artisanship.The ability to create with your hands, to pursue beauty, to deliver flavors through balance and simplicity.

Throughout these years, Juri’s story has evolved and so has the restaurant. His family became bigger and different.The memory of my grandmother’s food is now shared by his son and daughter, by our staff and by our customers. We all became part of a larger narrative, a new stream of memories.

Today, Juri’s main inspiration for making food comes from a smile. One that  reconnected him with his mission as a chef, which is, he believes, to bring joy. He will humbly try to do that, hoping that one day our story will be powerful enough to touch other people’s lives in the same way that you have all touched ours.

Buon appetito!

juri with fresh dough

Peace, Love and Porchetta